Thank God for Mary Oliver
May 15th, 2015

It is amazing to me that the thing I know will jolt me free from my paralysis of Will is the
thing I seldom shy away from.

My conspiratorial voice wants to attribute the blame to The Media/ Consumerism/
Capitalism which clearly thrives on my lack of happiness (otherwise they couldn't sell it to
me as a product) and therefore very plausibly might have more than an active hand in
programming & conditioning me to willfully vegetate my power of (and over) Will. This
way, I can easily be weaponized against my own best interests which, thanks to
this video,
I know to be factually true.

But my voice of refinement calls on my lack of attention towards my own fallacious
reasoning that if I actively pursue that which gives me spiritual fulfillment I will eventually
domesticate it and consequently end up projecting my desired happiness on to it as opposed
to letting it naturally spring  from inner well-being like the eternal sacred waters I've seen
priests & monks drink from the base of their mountain churches back home.

This fallacy, of course, is too childish to entertain at my age and at this point in my life.
There is no such jeopardy because true spiritual fulfillment is always unconditional! This
fear of spoiling the purity of happiness by the act of routine is a residual defense mechanism
against the inevitable atrophy of material contentment. Therefore, fallacy be gone!

It is time to awaken myself from the sedation of Will and do what makes my spirit happy.
No! In fact, I need to obsess over it! Pursue it, vehemently!

Then refine my pursuit till death do me part.

Poem to the People!