Saul Williams
Poke the embers of vengeance

In my gut

Stoke the flames of anger

When darkness is truth ignorance is piss


How much is left before the call to arms becomes worthless?

I am as arrogant as you to box God in space and time

Even more arrogant to unbox mystery

With power cries, blame pleas, piety in the sky


Is just us

Here. Now. Slave. Enslaved or no slaves.

You are a lighthouse on no man's island

Power is only given to those who are corrupted by it the least

Evil invisible hand is the best that we can do as human beings?

The worst being you and I

Seeking to unlearn the violence of apathy

Death is The slave master we must learn to forgive

Life the slave we must free to receive

In all its color, form and deferred dreams.

And yet, your music

I lose my mind.

September 18th, 2015