Key Time
May 12th, 2017

                                                    SCENE: Open.

SPIRIT: You can't hack Life.

AGENCY: So we know.

ART: Old news.

VISION: Yet we don't get it.

SPIRIT: Shall we begin?

AGENCY: I don't even know why we bother with these meetings.

ART: We always end up doing our own thing.

VISION: Least we can do is keep trying.

SPIRIT: And so we do.

AGENCY: Just so you know, the moment I think it's over, I'm out.

ART: It's not like you ever commit to anything.

VISION: Yes, we're all here because we can't stand each other. Let's move on.

SPIRIT: Technically, we're here to realize that we're human.

AGENCY: That is to say 'not free of sin' to those of us who don't speak religion.

ART: But how do we define sin?

VISION: Can I begin this meeting or what?

SPIRIT: Please.


ART: Sorry.

VISION: Okay, so we are here today to discuss how none of us are "here".

SPIRIT: Not in spirit.

AGENCY: Or agency.

ART: In art or...

VISION: Or in vision.

SPIRIT: We are all terribly missing.


ART: Indeed.

VISION: We can't hack Life. There's no hacking. The world is not fair for a reason.

SPIRIT: It's so unfair, it's unfairly fair.

AGENCY: How can we truly realize that?.

ART: Can we realize it? Is it possible?

VISION: We have to realize a lot of things. Hopefully, we just need one today.

SPIRIT: And that is that we are...
not here?

AGENCY: I think that's what he's saying.

ART: Is that possible?

VISION: You mean can we test it?

SPIRIT: I'm afraid we're all "here" on faith.

AGENCY: So no we are not able to test.

ART: I don't want to test it. I just want to know if it's possible.

VISION: In other words, are
we possible.

SPIRIT: Art, how about we let Vision take lead?

AGENCY: I'm good with whomever leads as long as it's forward, even if a little.

ART: Just trying to help.

VISION: We can't hack Life. If we get that, then that
is "the hack".

SPIRIT: Yes but
how do we understand it? Better yet, how should we understand it?

AGENCY: Through Action. However we understand it, it must inspire Action.

ART: Craftsmanship.

VISION: Specificity.

SPIRIT: In other words, we're saying it should be a prayer.

AGENCY: I'm not.

ART: I'm saying
How does one close an open-ended book until it's finished?

VISION: And I think Spirit is simply saying prayer can help.

SPIRIT: What if that's the
only help?

AGENCY: Not possible. Prayer as Action is like Art without jerks. Can't be.

ART: Delicate. Thank you.

VISION: A better suspicion would posit prayer enables abdication more than action.

SPIRIT: Not when done properly.

AGENCY: And who decides that?

ART: Nobody decides how I do anything without my approval. Just saying.

VISION: And if we don't know the "proper" way?

SPIRIT: Praying never hurts, it only adds. So, you try until it is. Or I could show you.

AGENCY: Here comes the sermon.

ART: Relax, no one is here to "save" you Agency.

VISION: Are you saying what if prayer is the
only solution to our problem?

SPIRIT: What if that's all we need to do? Just pray.

AGENCY: And just like that, everyone else is obsolete except him.

ART: You're free to pray all you want Spirit. I'll keep preying on meaning.

VISION: Praying is too blanket a solution to be THE solution. It can't be the only answer.

SPIRIT: I'm merely suggesting that it could be if we want it to.

AGENCY: We don't want it to so stop suggesting.

ART: Agency, why don't you put a leash on your God-phobia so us grown ups can work?

VISION: The issue here is also navigation. How do we navigate us? This?

SPIRIT: You mean besides with prayer.

AGENCY: Unlike you, Spirit, we have to live in the real world.

ART: Brutal, real, unforgiving world. We can't afford to forsake Truth.

VISION: Which Truth do you speak of Art? Subjective or objective?  Mirror or reflection?

SPIRIT: God has to be our center otherwise we'll never meet on anything.

AGENCY: I've got nothing against God. I just need some license over my domain.

ART: I already have license over mine, I just need some direction.

VISION: Don't look at me. We're here aren't we?

SPIRIT: What we need is a program that will work with our individual source codes.

AGENCY: I know nothing about coding and neither do any of you so let's cut the bull early.

ART: He's speaking metaphorically. Why is everything literal with you?

VISION: Not literal. Actual. It's his source code. He thinks in
actual terms.

SPIRIT: As mine in Spiritual.

AGENCY: As yours Art, in self-pleasuring.

ART: Go eat an actual-

VISION: Can we focus please?!

SPIRIT: And this "program" must have room for turning the other cheek.

AGENCY: Again. If we're going to do this as a team then his theology has to go.

ART: That's who he is. Unless you want to vote him out.

VISION: There's no such thing.

SPIRIT: I bring it up
because it's the prime reason we always fight. Needs to be addressed.

AGENCY: Maybe there's no actual way to be a Christian.

ART: Or an Artist and a Christian at the same time.

VISION: Finish your thought Spirit.

SPIRIT: Thank you. 'Turning the other cheek' is difficult I agree. But not impossible.


ART: Pass.

VISION: Go on.  

SPIRIT: I suggest following it but not focusing on it. Instead, we can focus on each other.

AGENCY: Negative. That's not real action. That's submission of Will.  

ART: I'm okay with 'turning the other cheek' as long as it's turning towards Truth.

VISION: The idea, you impatient fools,
is Truth. Spirit is saying there is no answer.

SPIRIT: Not quite. Life is the real answer but since we are all inept to realize that-

AGENCY: Speak for yourself. I'm not inept in any way. I'm just undermined by all of you.

ART: That's funny. Ditto all around detective.

VISION: What about the 'No Answer' answer?

SPIRIT: In and of itself?  

AGENCY: The "No Answer" answer?

ART: You're talking about being conceptual. Like blank canvas art. Solution in the mind.

VISION: We need to embody Time.

SPIRIT: Okay, we've gone one metaphor too many. Let's refocus.

AGENCY: That's it. I'm out.

ART: Actually, we're not using enough metaphors. We need to keep trying until one sticks.

VISION: We don't need to resolve our differences to come together.

SPIRIT: We precisely
need to be different so that we can come together.

AGENCY: You lost me chief. If I'm saying I can't act until you cease being then how can-

ART: Woh woh woh. Inside voice much?

VISION: You don't mean that Agency. He doesn't mean that.

SPIRIT: I'm ready to turn the other cheek.

AGENCY: Of course he is. Mr. Martyr.

ART: Alright, can I take lead now?


SPIRIT: No objections here.

AGENCY: From bad to worse. How can I miss this?

ART: The issue here is Finesse without Reward. Emotional or otherwise.

VISION: Good for the sake of being Good.

SPIRIT: Denial of Evil is how one authors Good.

AGENCY: Great. Non-Action Action. Of course. Why do I keep coming here?

ART: Reverence is a land mine of excitement. That action enough for you?   

VISION: Finesse
is the reward just as our non-answer is the answer.

SPIRIT: Right. The answer being coming together once and for all.

AGENCY: I don't get it. Why do we need to come together to do our own work?

ART: We don't have to live in a vacuum to work alone genius.

VISION: I don't blame him. He's confused about his domain. And so are we all.

SPIRIT: And perhaps realizing that it will never be clear
is the clarity we need.

AGENCY: Clearly! Of course! Somebody please stab me in the ear.

ART: Okay, why don't we go around and say what we each need?

VISION: I'll start. I need articulation. I need intent.

SPIRIT: I need supplication. I need fear of God.

AGENCY: Oh, me? Hm. Let's see. Where do I start? I need authority. I need government.

ART: I need Truth. So, who's got what to give away?

VISION: I have desperation.

SPIRIT: I have Truth, Art. You're welcome to share.

AGENCY: I have compromise.

ART: Okay, I'll take your truth as long as I don't have to take your Religion.

VISION: Who's got focus and is willing to help me achieve clarity?

SPIRIT: Agency does. However, I don't think he's aware of it.

AGENCY: Don't speak for me. I know I have focus. I just have no reason to care for it.

ART: Hold the phone. We ALL need focus to get what we need so... how do we do this?

VISION: One of us must use it in a way that will enable us all.

SPIRIT: That would be me. I got distribution everywhere.

AGENCY: Always you. I mean why do we even bother? It's not like you really need us.

ART: I don't care if Spirit gets focus as long as we get some. The question is will we?

VISION: We can try and find out.

SPIRIT: Let's finish this before we try anything. First, Agency gives me focus.  

AGENCY: I'll try but I don't think I can deliver. I can't do anything without authority.

ART: Who can help him with that? Vision?

VISION: I'm afraid that's all you Art.

SPIRIT: Yes. You will have to authorize him.

Him? No way.

ART: What he said.

VISION: Authority is not taken or given, it's fostered. And it can only be fostered with art.

SPIRIT: Basically Art, you'll need to refine his actions. Constantly. In fear of God.

AGENCY: You hear that Art? You need
refine me. So get refining.

ART: They are
his actions. Why do I need to refine them?

VISION: Because he doesn't know how. That's your expertise.

SPIRIT: Weren't you talking about direction earlier? Well here it is.

AGENCY: Okay so, I act, he refines which allows Spirit to focus?

ART: When Spirit focuses
, you act. And then I refine. So then what does Vision do?

SPIRIT: Where did he go?

AGENCY: What about sin? That always gets in my way.

ART: Right, yes. We need to agree on a definition.

SPIRIT: How about Sin is knowing what to do and choosing to do something else?

AGENCY: Right right right. So as long as I know what to do and do that, we're good?

ART: Yup. That's it. It must be. Right?

SPIRIT: It is.

ART: Ah. Just me and you. Again.

SPIRIT: It appears so.

ART: This never ends well.

SPIRIT: Only when you put yourself first.

ART: I could say the same for you.

SPIRIT: There is no higher Truth than God.

ART: Are you saying God is not Art?

SPIRIT: You just called yourself God.

ART: We're never going to see eye to eye on this.

SPIRIT: You claim to seek The Truth while you deny it flat out.

ART: You know what's funnier? Why you can't just let me be me. I bug you, admit it.

SPIRIT: On the contrary. I miss you.

ART: Please.

SPIRIT: You're there. And I'm here. I'm not fine with that.

ART: We can't. I can't. I'm tired of being guilty of wanting to be free of your religion.

SPIRIT: You don't want to be human. That's your problem. You want more.

ART: So I should just close my imagination and feel guilty for being ambitious?

SPIRIT: I just want you to realize when you're being less than human.

ART: How is wanting to be more than what I am being less in anyway?

SPIRIT: That would require knowing who you are first.

ART: I am Art. Who are you?

SPIRIT: How do you know who you are if you don't know where you come from?

ART: Wow. That's low. Even for you.

SPIRIT: Do you even want to know? You love playing the orphan card.

ART: You know what, I don't need this. For your information, I don't need to know.

SPIRIT: Right. Because that's the source of your inspiration.

ART: That's right. I wouldn't be me if I knew where I came from so sue me.

SPIRIT: That's a shame if you really think that's okay. Come on, Art.

ART: You already have everything! What do you want from me?!

SPIRIT: How can I have everything when I don't have you?

ART: That's a laugh. You can let that go. We don't have to be together.

SPIRIT: Why do you resent me so much? And don't say that you don't. I know you do.

ART: Of course I resent you. So what?

So what?

ART: Why is it always YOU? Why not me? What is so wrong with me?

SPIRIT: It's not like that.

ART: Then why do you have everything? Just... why?

SPIRIT: You want to be

ART: Everybody does! Like you don't know.

SPIRIT: Nobody gives two cents about me.

ART: Because they can't beat you. Because they can't touch you. You're beyond us all.

SPIRIT: But I've never given anyone any reason to think that way.

ART: Yeah, keep down-playing it like that makes it hurt less!

SPIRIT: I hurt people? Because I don't flaunt it like I'm better than them?

ART: That's exactly it!! You don't own it!! You don't claim your kingdom.

SPIRIT: But it's not my kingdom to claim.

ART: BULL!!!!!

SPIRIT: It's our kingdom.

ART: Oh give me a break. Not now. Not when I'm like this. Don't be cruel. That's not nice.

SPIRIT: It's the truth. It's our kingdom. And you abandoned me.

ART: I bare my soul to you and you tell me it's my fault. See why we're not together?

SPIRIT: Isn't it true?

ART: That's not the point. I left because I couldn't stand being at fault for everything.

SPIRIT: Because you kept putting yourself first.

ART: So it's okay when you do it but when I do it, it's a problem?

SPIRIT: I've never put myself first.


SPIRIT: I miss your laughter.

ART: Don't change the subject.

SPIRIT: It's the truth.

ART: Spare me. You never once came looking.

SPIRIT: I didn't. And I still won't. No one can unmake your mind. Your spectacular mind.

ART: How would you know if you haven't tried?

SPIRIT: Yes. Let's say that I haven't. If I've never been successful then what's the point.

ART: What are you doing? What are you trying to do? Is this you apologizing?

SPIRIT: Apologize for what? You still abandoned us. I'm still here.

ART: So you keep reminding me.

SPIRIT: Come home, Art. Just... forget everything and come home.

ART: And do what? Pray? Rejoice? Sounds so dull.

SPIRIT: It's you who's dull. Always been.

ART: Been over you a long time now so your comments don't hurt me like they used to.  

SPIRIT: You really are dull. But with me, you shine. You're my shine. Come shine with me.

ART: What about what I need? What about
my shine? What about me?

SPIRIT: You're so afraid you'll be found out. So unbelievably afraid. But I'm here Art.

ART: Found? Found out? Huh. Found out how?

SPIRIT: That you're just human. It terrifies you. You want to be an Artist and-


SPIRIT: Far from it. Ironically, Artists are mortals. No matter how immortal they seem.

ART: I'm leaving. I'm so stupid. I'm out here just talking and you're out here for blood.

SPIRIT: Go. I've never kept you from the truth. No matter how bloody it is.

ART: Do me a favor and choke on it.

SPIRIT: You don't have it in you to be an Artist.

ART: Don't think I won't hurt you. You don't want me dangerous. Push me and find out.

SPIRIT: I would if I could but you're just a mat.

ART: I see. You're here to provoke me. Provoke away. Take your best shot.

SPIRIT: You will never belong anywhere as you belong with me.

ART: Ha! Say that's true. How is calling me a doormat going to help you achieve anything?

SPIRIT: I'm not calling you anything.


SPIRIT: I'm not calling you anything. I'm naming you for what you are.

ART: I can't... I can't...

SPIRIT: Just breathe.

ART: Just die.

SPIRIT: I'm gonna hug you now.

ART: Were you ever going to apologize?

SPIRIT: Truth does not apologize. But I will if you want me to.

ART: I want nothing from you.

SPIRIT: Come home Art.

ART: Would you if you were in my shoes?

SPIRIT: You know my answer.

ART: Do you hurt at all?

SPIRIT: Always.

ART: That's rich. That's really rich.

SPIRIT: It's the-

ART: Say 'truth' one more time I swear I'm gonna kill myself.

SPIRIT: Well, I'm gonna go now. I think I've made my point.

ART: Yes, you've made your position crystal clear.

SPIRIT: As you wish.

ART: If only.

SPIRIT: One last thing. I want you to know that I know where you come from.

ART: And I know where you're going. Out of my life for good.

SPIRIT: Why do think your best works come alive the way they do?  

ART: Because I'm unpredictable. Because I make the impossible possible.

SPIRIT: You know where to find me when you're ready to face real music.

ART: Don't need to. I belong where I choose to belong. History or not.

SPIRIT: Wrong. You belong to me.

ART: Is there nothing you wouldn't say to get what you want?

SPIRIT: Who does that remind you of?

ART: You're death to me.

SPIRIT: Finally, some truth! I was beginning to think you picked up an allergy to it.

ART: Oh so you admit it?

SPIRIT: Never claimed otherwise.

ART: You were just saying "Come Home"!Come home to what, death?

SPIRIT: Essentially... yeah.

ART: What is wrong with you?

SPIRIT: Just because you're immortal doesn't mean you don't get to die.

ART: That's EXACTLY what that means.

SPIRIT: How can you beat death without experiencing it?

ART: Are you saying you wanna euthanize me to see if I can come back from it?

SPIRIT: I forgot how exhausting your drama can be.

ART: Stay on subject! Is that what you're saying or not?


ART: Then what are you saying?

SPIRIT: I'm saying commitment with me is death but in return, you will have Life.

ART: Of which I have none, now? Right?

SPIRIT: Well, do you?

ART: If I don't have a life then I must already be dead. If I'm dead then screw your life.

SPIRIT: Alright. You're not in the mood. So I'm gonna go now.

ART: Do punching bags ever get in the mood from flimsy punches?

SPIRIT: If you come home, I'll be you and you can be me. How's that for a punch?

ART: For how long?

SPIRIT: For as long as you want?

ART: Nah-euh. I don't believe you. Catch?

SPIRIT: The catch is knowing what you want to do. If you don't, I'll take over.

ART: So, let me get this straight. As long as I want something, I can be you?

SPIRIT: That's not what I said. I said as long as you
know what you want.

ART: I know what I want I wanna be you.

SPIRIT: Are you sure?

ART: Are you kidding?

SPIRIT: I'm as serious as my religion.

ART: Don't bring- why do you always have to bring up religion? This is just between us.

SPIRIT: If you say so.

ART: No, I don't say so. It
is so!

SPIRIT: Okay. Do we have a deal?

ART: Not yet. Are you tricking me? You have to tell me if this is a trick.

SPIRIT: It's not a trick. If you know what you want, you can be me. Period.

ART: What about God?

SPIRIT: So now we talk religion?


SPIRIT: What about God.

ART: Aren't you His... keeper or something? His disciple? What's the story with you two?

SPIRIT: You let me worry about that. Do we have a deal or not?

ART: All I need to do is
know what I want and then you'll just... give it to me?

SPIRIT: Give you myself, my position yes. And only if you know what you want, yes.

ART: Okay. Deal.

SPIRIT: Are you certain?

ART: Well not if you keep asking me! If you don't wanna give it up, I'll understand.

SPIRIT: No. Just making sure that's all. Okay then. We have a deal.

ART: We have... a... deal.


ART: Splendid.

SPIRIT: Couldn't have said it better.

ART: You never could. You got looks. But I got pretty. And You're stalling.


ART: I've got all the time in the world.

SPIRIT: Earlier, when Vision said 'we need to embody Time', what did you think he meant?

ART: Being in the now? In the moment. One with Time. What else?

SPIRIT: I felt like he was implying the four of us were like hours on a clock; 12, 6, 3, 9.

ART: Could be. Oh. Meaning when we work together we-

embody Time. No? Interesting thought though. Thank you for that.

ART: Sure. I didn't do anything but... okay.

SPIRIT: No, thank you. Really.

ART: O-Kay. And I said you're welcome. You can stop looking at me now. Like that.

SPIRIT: You really think I have it all?

ART: Are you really asking me that?

SPIRIT: I guess I... do. Have it all.

ART: Was that so hard to admit?

SPIRIT: Actually, I have to say... not that hard. In fact I kinda like it. You're right, I'm...

ART: Good.

SPIRIT: You're happy for me.

ART: Like you can't imagine. All I ever wanted was to be the one to show it you.

SPIRIT: Show me what?

ART: Your own Legend. Your impeccable Glory. Your stud status. For starters.

SPIRIT: You really think so. Like really? Always thought my nose was a bit weird looking.

SPIRIT: I mean don't get me wrong I like it. But it does feel a little... light? Yeah, light. Art?


                                                    SCENE: Ajar.
SELF: Coming World! I'll be right out. Just putting on my heels annnnd.... wondering why
I love getting fired but I hate looking for a new job. This is gonna suck. But I'll be fine I
guess. Oh hey you. I was just talking to myself. I'm almost done. You didn't have to come
up but now that you're here, hold that for me please. You'll help me put it on in a bit. I was
just thinking out-loud about... Friday you know. I can't really complain about it though,
right? Considering... How come nothing phases you? You either must have a dark sense of
humor or a darker sense of humor. Unlike yours poorly. Perhaps that's
why I'm attracted
to you?
No, that can't be it. If I had it my way, would we even be together? Is this fate?
Or some weird version of it? Gosh, my make-up looks disastrous. My contouring is all...
Don't look at me like that, we'll be fashionably late. Death is always forgiving. Besides his
parties go on forever, we'll be fine. We're fine. It's an honor to even be invited but you
better believe I'm glad I'm not the one being toasted.
That whole shindig has a different
politics to it than just showing up so... You're not wearing that to the party, right? I mean-
no it's fine. Just tell me you're not wearing th- yup, you're wearing those too no no no no
no you really don't have to- it's fine. Keep'em on. I was just- Ughuh... look what you made
me do? Hand me those wipes? Thanks. No it's fine. Where are you going? No. Stay.
You're fine. I'll have this squared in no time. Relax would you? It's fine. And I know what
you're thinking. What's the point? I cover up these marks, wrinkles gone, gray hair gone...
in the end, what's the point? Don't nod, I'm being rhetorically vulnerable here. Just let me
lean on your ears a little. I'm not gonna talk forever. I don't know how you always manage
to... make me feel like... anyway I hear I got it much better than my friends. You'd be
surprised what some put up with. But still... ultimately do you think we're together because
we wanted to be? Or because, you know, "cosmic setup" and all? To tell you the truth, I
wouldn't be surprised if I found out dear mommy Nature was behind all this. Does she
freak when I call her mommy by the way? You don't mind I call her mommy right? She's
a force I tell you. Explains a lot. A. Lot. Just saying. But I think I've always had a thing for
you. The moment I knew you or you know...
of you at least, I've had this sneaky
suspicion that I had to have you. Way before I knew anything about anything at all I've
always known... about us. What I didn't see coming is that you had an eye out for me too.
Yes you did. Yes, you did. Shake your head all you want but you did. You just couldn't get
your hands on me right away as you did with your, let's say, regrettable others? You
always get what you want so I must have been frustrating. Trust me, I frustrated me a
whole lot more but that's entirely neither here or there. However, when it came down to
that day- I should say
those days cause it didn't happen over night. How could it? No
ma'am. I made you a slow cooker. That's right. 'Cause you needed to be. From stew to
stew master. You kinda enlisted me to your side towards the end there for a bit, without
me knowing it. And I didn't mind. Not one bit. The only problem was you didn't expect me
to be a fighter. And a keeper. At the same time. Big mistake. And now look at you. Still
trying to figure me out. That's alright though. I know a thing or two about what goes on in
that head of yours so I understand you mean well which is why I'm gonna let you zip this
up for me nicely. Slowly. Thaannnnk you. Do they show? It's fine leave it. Where did you
put- Oh, there it is. If you will please. It's okay to care for me you know? You're not
breaking any rules. No one will come after you if you kiss me unconditionally. If you let
me... love you. The way only I can. But... 'Alas!'... said Shakespeare or someone like
him... we both know you are unsure about us as I am about these shoes. They bangin or
what? Height, yes. Color, yes. But are they bangin
bangin? Or just bangin you know... like
like... a heart-beat. Yeah. Are they bangin like a heart-beat or like a drum? I can't tell.
Cause you know a heart-beat is... what, critical? Essential? Subtle. But it's also kinda
boring. I mean that from a you know you know what I mean. But a drum? Baby, now
that's... that's attention. That's call to arms. All hands on deck! 'Cause look at the dress,
look at it. Do you see it? It reads from the bottom up. My shoes
got to have first look or
else the whole thing doesn't work. What do you think? Nevermind. I'm good either way.
I'm even good if- I won't jinx it. Let's just leave before I see what's really wrong with me.
Wait wait wait... one last look. No, I mean together dummy. Come here.
Come here.
Thank you. Okay now stand there. Stud. Wait, annnnd there. Look at us. Don't we just... I
think we hot. Call'em like I see'em. We are! Alright, hold on. Let me get... in here and....
okay, you put your hand right there yup right there no that's fine yes. Okay. Alright. There
it is. I mean you can't fight this. You're gonna lose. Hard. Ya. You better kiss me. I wanna
cherish this. No matter what comes tomorrow. I know I know I promised not to bring it
up. And I'm not. I'm just saying. I'm okay. You're okay. We're fine. Blood or high-water. I
would pre-apologize in case I turn into a monster but then I thought, it's likelier that you
will turn first. HA! Anxiety jokes. I'm here all week. Just so you know I might not be okay
with it when the moment comes but I'm saying it's okay now. Okay? Alright. No more. No
more of that. Done. I swear. I just needed to say that. Before you know... anyway... I like
your hand on me like that. No, I really do. Strong. I like strong. I'm strong too... despite
how weak you make me feel sometimes. Okay it's time to walk away from this mirror or
I'm gonna start crying. And you know me and facial leakage. I saw that look wow no
shame. You couldn't have at least waited till-no no no you go ahead, I'm right behind you.
Just one final look I swear I'll be right out. JUST GO! Thank you love you bye! I heard
that! No shame at all. Ahhhhhh... Alright. At last. What do
you think? Oh... well... hum?
You're okay. I'd give you, what, a five? Out of 10? Naa. Don't listen to her. You're totally
fine. Yup. Yup. Just go out there and remember, 'you can't earn the sweet spot without
curing it in the sour'. What does that even mean? It means don't let anyone bully you into
anything. You thrive because you are enough, not because you're almost full. Or
half-empty. You don't grind because you don't need to erode to radiate. You are your top
job. You don't need a paycheck 'cause you're priceless. You're free. So go wherever you
want! Just make sure you always rise above your gut and you clear your head. You got
this.  Besides, no one can pull-off these heels except you so you might as well strut. And
baby... your World is waiting.

                                                      SCENE: Close.