God Maybe
September 30th, 2015

Maybe there is something to be said about being 'unchristian' in terms of who you
truly are. Maybe there is something to be said about defying God's orders in order
to be true to your deepest truth which is God.

Maybe, just maybe, that's one of the ways you can show God that you honestly
cannot comprehend the mystery behind the un-quantifiable notion that is His
immensity and thereby submitting your allegiance to Him in all its pure human

And maybe that is less hubris-tic than assuming a strict adherence to His laws is the
same as understanding who He is or what He stands for or what's best for everyone.

If God is for freedom then I believe His rules are meant to free us from the bonds
of our lesser selves; a path to triumph from the captivity of our short-lived desires
to the liberty of our long-lasting needs, so we can touch the sacred part of ourselves
that we share with Him; to transcend the petty and lift each other up, to heal the
open-wound of Life with our capacity for unconditional love.

Maybe the greatest lesson we could ever teach ourselves is to clean our obfuscated
perception that we ascribe to God, to scrape off our lacking interpretation of God's
perception from what we assume to be God's vision.

Maybe the law that we follow in our heart of hearts is more akin to the law of God
that flowers in our defiance of the laws enforced by us than our human definition of