September 28th, 2015

Be quiet

Life says to me everywhere I go

And I wonder

Will I ever find a place where my voice is welcomed

In all its force, unrestrained candor

Not admonished and made to feel like it's taking space unlawfully


Infringing on the voice of others

Will I ever be free to be as loud as Life

Or as quiet

Or you could just enjoy the eclipse without waking up the entire neighborhood. Gawk,
exclaim, whatever! Just lower your voice. Yes it's a bloody red moon but people still
have to wake up in the morning and go to work. Not everything is about you, you
know. Like literally. Trust me. I mean you see me telling other people to shut up too.
Good lord man I don't get why you don't get that you're not special. You're just like
everybody else. Average with a tinge of more average crap. Maybe you're a little
more thick and by that I mean ethnic but then again so is everybody else these days,
am I right? Boom. Up top. No? Whatever. Anyway... the moon sure looks biblical
though. Too bad the electrical wires are in the way or I'd have tried to take a picture
like all these dummies here. Look at them with their... their phone cameras will never
capture that. You have to commit an experience like this to memory. To the part of
you that will grow old with you.


Now, are you going to charm me to bed or are you taking your wild imagination home
with you?

Be quiet.

You're not real. You're just a shadow.

Of my heart. And Soul.

Oh brother!

Were you leaving?



You're gone.

You'll want me back soon.

Maybe in 2033.


But not before.

You there?