Dance Lullaby of Meaning
There is no greater meaning in this world than the meaning of now.

Everything else is but a thought with a barcode.

The moment you scan it, you credit or debit to cash some meaning.

But why buy what you can have for free?

Just now and be meaningful.

Because when you're now, you're never late. For Life.

And Life is always on time.

And so is Death but don't worry about that now.

If you have to worry, worry about the music; The Music of Life.

It comes right when you live into the moment.

First it's just silence. The tranquility that is Peace.

It's just you and the work. And your sweat. Your determination. Discipline.

You are in the zone where there is no time, no tiring, yes bliss.

Then out of nowhere, a key gently opens a voice way in the back of your mind.

A high-pitched timid squeal of 'Heyyy-y-y-y... this actually feels pretty good.'

Then drops out of tune for a second ring which you pick up like 'Is this Me? Look at me

Suddenly, all by yourself now and with confidence you've never had, you leap

To the major third... the fourth... the fifth...

By the time the minor falls, you're in full swing going "Hallelujah, praised be me! I've
figured it all out!!"

Then soon enough something like reality interrupts you back to Earth and you howl

"Can't I just be happy for once a day forever?!" just like that old blues song(?).

But sweetie, honey, listen... the Music of Life is like cupcakes made of dreams,

You're dreaming if you think you can just have one. So have none. For now.

Unless you've got the shakes for Cupcake Blues in which case grind on bro!

Just know that reality bites as mean as the tooting of your horn and with a smile too of

The trick is to not let it scare you from now. Or seduce you. Both if you're lucky. I mean

Resist even The Music of Life. Especially that. For it will rock your meaning to sleep.

After all, there is no greater meaning than the meaning of now.

And no greater crime of passion than its perversion.

Not unlike this sweet-toothed guilty footed dancer of a poem.

Till Now.

August 21st, 2015